Improvisational Center of Boston US Map & Phone & Address

Improvisational Center of Boston US Map & Phone & Address

Going to a comedy club can be an expensive proposition, between the cover charge and the drinks. Mine can’t do anything about the price of beer, but don’t forget that the larger clubs have shows throughout the week and that the price of admission is lower on, say, a Tuesday night than on Saturday.

The best cost-cutter in the biz remains the Open Mike night, when you can get in for a very low cover charge and see up-an-coming stars of tomorrow. Guaranteed, there’ll be plenty of klunkers (does the name Rupert Pupkin ring a bell, De Niro fans?); but the shows are hosted by headliners, so you’re sure to get plenty of good laughs no matter what. Many clubs, some of which are listed here, have open mike shows; they tend to be early in the week. Call your favorite venue to see what they offer.

Improvisational Center of Boston The former Back Alley Theater is home to the long-running ImprovBoston and other comedy troupes. On Thursday nights, admission is free no joke! $12 to $15 range. True Cheapsters should come down on Sunday through Thursday nights, when admission is a mere $8.

Improvisational Center of Boston

1253 Cambridge St. Cambridge;(617) 576-1253 For something completely different from the clubs, this tiny theater in Inman Square is home to ImprovBoston, one of New England’s longest-running improvisational troupes. Tickets are $10 to $12 ($8 to $10 for students and seniors) on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. For the best deal, stop in on Thursday night for Theatre sports comedy as competitive contest when admission is free!

Improvisation Center of Boston Theater features similarly low-priced tickets for other comedy acts. Recently, The Lost Scott Show featured the comedy of Scott Stiffler and tickets were just $8, $5 for students and seniors.

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