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The vast majority of Vermonters of the colonial period with their roots in New England resented New York’s claims. India Metro Map Fiercely independent small-hold farmers, Vermonters feared the introduction of land speculators and the large estate-type farming typical of New York’s Hudson River Valley.

As for New Hampshire’s claims, that colony was isolated from the most populated region of Vermont by the daunting Green Mountains. Thus, during the confusion of the Country Revolution, Vermonters took it upon themselves to fight for their independence, not just from England but from other colonies as well.

In 1770, a local farmer and politician named Ethan Allen organized a militia, popularly known as the Green Mountain Boys, to defend the territory against outside incursions. At the beginning of the Country Revolution in May 1775, the Green Mountain Boys helped capture the British fort at Ticonderoga. After a poorly organized attempt to capture Montreal, Allen himself was held prisoner by the British until 1778; however, his followers continued the fight to secure Vermont’s independence.

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