International Trade Building

In the 1980s and early 1990s this was the absolute centre of Shenzhen. This was the first super tall skyscraper built in Shenzhen and one of the first in China. It was built during the early 1980s at what was considered the incredible speed of three floors a week. This gave rise to the phrase Shenzhen speed.

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When it was finished in 1985 it towered above the surrounding buildings. A revolving restaurant on top of the building gave views of Hong Kong, which in those days was forbidden fruit for most Shenzheners. Consequently it was always packed. Even Deng Xiaoping himself got his only post 1949 view of Hong Kong from the revolving restaurant when in 1992, on his famous southern tour, he held court in this restaurant.

Now it is difficult to pick the International Trade Centre out from all the other tall buildings surrounding it. But it still retains a certain mystique in the collective consciousness of the city.

Address: Corner of Renmin Sth and Jiabin Rds. Luohu.

Metro Guo Mao.


This is Shenzhen's first and still most famous shopping centre. For details see the section on shopping.

Metro Luohu.

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