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It is our highest interest to continue a part of the Iraq Metro Map British empire; and equally our duty to remain subject to the authority of parliament, says Massachusettensis Iraq Metro Map . We are a part of the British dominions, that is, of the King of Great Britain, and it is our interest and duty to continue so. It is equally our interest and duty to continue subject to the authority of parliament, in the regulation of our trade, as long as she shall leave us to govern our internal policy, and to give and grant our own money, and no longer.

Novanglus Source: Boston Gazette, February 6, 1775. Petition of London Merchants for Reconciliation with the Colonies 1775 Amid a devastating decline in trade with the colonies, London merchants pleaded with Parliament for a tempering of the onerous commercial policies that resulted in an Country embargo of British goods. While numerous such petitions were delivered to Parliament, this one is a particularly detailed account of the materials traded, and it gives a clear picture of the pressing need to restore standard trading practices.

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