Istanbul Ankara Cappadocia Vacation, And Tourism

From the ancient city of Troy to the modern metropolis of Istanbul Turkey has been an important center of world culture for millennia join us on a comprehensive tour of this timeless land which will take you to ancient ruins bustling cities, and quiet mountain villages you can improve your value, and make the most of your airfare with optional trip extensions you from your hometown.

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You’ll set out on a journey of discovery your experience begins in Istanbul a thriving multicultural city which straddles Europe, and Asia across the Bosphorus straits travel south along Turkey’s Mediterranean coast with stops at historic sites like the ancient city of Troy, and the ruins of ethicists a lasting testament to the legacy of the Roman Empire then venture further inland to explore the exotic rock formations, and fascinating underground cities of Cappadocia before concluding your journey in ankara turkey’s capital on this journey. You’ll delve into Turkish history, and culture travel to the battlefields of Gallipoli we’ll visit a memorial to the Allied, and Turkish lives lost in the fighting that took place here in World War one in Konya. You’ll learn about the whirling dervishes a unique Islamic sect, and even have the opportunity to watch a performance during an optional tour and

You’ll learn about the ancient Hittite civilization during a visit to hypnosis the old kingdoms capital the rocks themselves are impressive but the interaction in humans, and How those spaces were used for worship that study, and gathering, and building community is a fascinating story altogether as you explore our expert resident program directors will enrich your understanding of the region your program director will give you insight on personal favorites, and local specialties as you travel. You’ll enjoy the camaraderie of your fellow travelers as you dine in a variety of settings including local cafes, and restaurants your accommodations have been carefully chosen to offer convenient access to historic landmarks as well as restaurants, and shops in each hotel enjoy a full complement of modern amenities a restaurant, and bar for socializing, and an inviting room with private baths you can experience even more with optional tours explore the well-preserved ruins of Pergamum a city which was home to an important center of healing in antiquity enjoy an early-morning hot air balloon flight over Cappadocia is mystifying landscape of fairy chimney rock pillars, and keep the discoveries going by adding optional extensions to your trip visit another ancient city, and travel to Athens Greece exploring its inspiring acropolis crowned by the iconic Parthenon, and discover the magnificent amphitheater of Epidaurus which is. So well preserved that it is still used for events today you learned about Turkey’s religious history in order five, and Adana where discoveries include Antioch where Christianity first began to take root in the first century AD, and explore Chaucer’s an important center of ancient philosophy which spent time under Persian Greek, and Roman rule alike you join Grand Circle to experience turkey at a value that no one can beat you.

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