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Hey at first I was like this, and then I woke up, and I was like wait a second what’s that it’s the birch you Brazil is a massive place one that takes a long time to travel from one destination to another especially if you’re on ground level. But as I’ve come to realize in this country the trip is almost always worth the reward rides here, and after a seven-hour journey from Fortaleza via tour bus Jeep, and dune buggy I was hoping that this idea would remain true the next morning I woke up in a dream at my own private beach bungalow complete with a thatched roof running water, and the most relaxing patio hammock ever branch of the bear she as it’s known is tucked away along play our Beach just down from jetty for guada, and this place is incredible let’s go see the rest of the property the I was feeling great after a delicious breakfast. So I walked back down to the beach, and decided to try my hand at kite surfing let’s go kite service. Because of such great wind conditions in the area this is home to some of the most popular kite surfing coastline in Brazil, and thanks to my lovely instructor I was quickly learning what makes this sport.

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So awesome the relationship between you, and the kite is so responsive each subtle motion you make determines your movement if nothing else this lesson will definitely help me with my love right we wrapped it up, and just enough time for me to get completely hooked in a new sport, and then I caught a ride down the beach across the sand dunes for an afternoon, and Janica claw I love a town where you don’t have to wear shoes jtqo choir in northern brazil little beach town absolute paradise while most visitors spend their days playing in the beautiful National Park that surrounds JT everybody seems the migrate back in time to watch the most amazing sunset over the Atlantic from the giant sand dune at the edge of town as night falls street vendors come out, and restaurants life their tables candles well I find a quiet spot for a cheeseburger, and cold beer this truly is paradise, and I couldn’t be happier that I made the trip until next time Travel chef is love me too father say kiss my fiance keep it subtle with.

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