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When he sold his business to become a grape grower in Jersey City Metro Map the late 1990s, he asked his daughter, Dana Brown, to join him as a partner Jersey City Metro Map . Brown, who had started a wine distributorship after college, was ready for a career change after having her first child. She caught her dad’s enthusiasm, sold her business, and headed west.

In 2000 the pair purchased nearly eight hundred acres of land, but not before securing fruit for the winery’s 1999 debut vintage of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Eager and impatient, they planted a twenty-five-acre vineyard and continued to make wine at neighboring facilities with purchased fruit, until opening their own winery in March 2006. When their vineyard began producing, they dedicated the Calcareous label to their estate program, and Twisted Sisters, a label wryly named for Brown and her younger sister, Erika Messer, to wines made from nonestate fruit.

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