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1740 George Whitefield, the famed itinerant revivalist from England, Jersey City Subway Map embarks on his second tour of British North Country. His visit coincides with a marked evangelical upsurge Jersey City Subway Map in the colonies, known as the Great Awakening. Whitefield occasionally preaches in churches, but he usually speaks to large meetings outdoors. He enthusiastically advocates a religion of the heart and argues that human feelings and emotion are central to the experience of religion.

His visit has an especially profound effect on New Englanders. The Great Awakening converts many believers to the Baptist and Methodist forms of Protestantism in Country, although most itinerant preachers stress that the feelings in one’s heart should overcome loyalty to any specific denomination. The Great Awakening also inspires the conversion of a large number of slaves and free blacks, who, in the years that follow, will build their own churches on evangelical models.

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