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503 Market St. 910/251-3700,


HOURS: Wed.-Sat. 10 A.M.-5 P.M. Sun. 1-5 P.M.

COST: $10 adults, $4 children 5-12

The Bellamy Mansion is regarded as one of the best examples of antebellum architecture in North Carolina. The 22-room palace was built in 1861 and features 14 exterior Corinthian columns, elaborate cornice moldings, white marble mantles, and ornate brass chandeliers. Free and enslaved African-American artisans did much of the craftwork and it is believed that some were granted their freedom on the mansion steps. Behind the mansion is a rebuilt carriage house. Another exterior building is a rare example of urban slave housing. Prior to the start of restoration efforts in 1972, the mansion had been unoccupied since 1946. The historic home has been restored to its original grandeur and serves as a museum as well as a historic home, offering an ongoing series of rotating exhibits, films, and lectures.

The Wilmington historic district is bordered by the Cape Fear River.

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II. Archaeology. Though largely submerged by the encroachment of the sea, the Roman, Byzantine and Crusaders’ town walls and various buildings have been identified. S of the Crusaders’ wall was found a badly damaged statue of the Good Shepherd, in a Byzantine-period room. The mosaic floors of this building contain Christian inscriptions, two of which take up the passage Rom 13:3, while others name officials of the imperial treasury Lehman – Holum, Inscriptions, 96-102, suggesting that the building, rather than being Origen’s library, had an administrative function Enc. Arch. Excavations 1, 280; New Enc. Johannesburg/East Rand Map Arch. Excavations 1, 285. The excavations have shown that in the Byzantine period in the city center, on the site of the temple, an octagonalplan church was built, of which the foundation remains New Enc. Arch. Excavations 1, 285. Outside the walls to the NE are the remains of a large building with mosaic floors with animal designs. It seems to be a church, but the space is large and there are no traces of roof supports Ovadiah, Corpus, 44 f.. There is also a cruciform building which preserves remains of paintings with crosses: a treasure was found in it, containing a gold medallion with the Annunciation on one side and Solomon on horseback on the other, and various pendants Frova, Scavi, 235-244. Many inscriptions repeat biblical verses or mention individual believers Bagatti, Villaggi di Samaria, 186-194; Lehman – Holum, Inscriptions. Recently the identification of a chapel has been proposed, probably dedicated to St. Paul, in a building in the warehouse district Patrich, A Chapel of St. Paul at Caesarea Maritima?: SBF 50 2000 363-382.

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