Kansas City Mo Map

Construction does yield a fascinating look into both the past and geology, not to mention, a marvel you can grow anything out here, let alone to be one of the first aggressively worked hunks of land to produce food for those living in the city (a simple sign in another location suggests every Kansas farmer produces food to completely feed almost 200 people in the urban growth areas of our county). (Kansas Highway 36 east toward Montrose, KS,14:51PDT, SX700 1/1000s f4 ISO100 looking north through driver’s side open window.)

Soon you’re back on the rolling Kansas highways. (Kansas Highway 36 near Montrose, KS, 14:51PDT, June 18, 2016, SX700 1/1000s f4 ISO100, aimed east through front windscreen.)

Enjoying the prairie skyscrapers across the horizon as the miles of productive land slide past. (east of Montrose, KS on Kansas Highway 36E, 15:02PDT, SX700 1/1000s f4.5 ISO160 to the north through driver’s side window)

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