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Massachusetts General Court. The governing body of the colony of Kazakhstan Subway Map Massachusetts, formed in 1691. After the Revolutionary War, the legislature of the state of Massachusetts Kazakhstan Subway Map retained the name. Also referred to as the Great and General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, and occasionally as the General Council of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Massachusetts Provincial Congress. A body formed after the Massachusetts Government Act of 1774 revoked the Massachusetts colonial charter.

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A major focus of the memorial was to be the education of future generations. This is in part an acknowledgement that Australians had a responsibility for such tragedies. Every secondary school in Australia received a letter inviting their participation in a collaborative effort to suggest design ideas for construction of a memorial place. As most Australians and every school child in the country, at some stage, visit the national capital during their schooling to learn about their country’s history and identity, the proposed memorial’s location is Canberra. Over ten per cent of the country’s schools responded to request a teaching kit, and of these about two hundred actual entries were received.

We prepared a travelling exhibition of the collected works that toured throughout major Australian cities in 2003 and 2004. It was through these exhibitions that the public became more aware of the SIEV X tragedy. The momentum to build a physical memorial increased and we finally selected the proposal of a year eleven Brisbane student, Mitchell Donaldson. His design consisted of 353 poles that sweep through a gently undulating landscape, divide to form the abstract outline of a small boat, and then trail off into the water. Individual poles represented lost children (three feet high) and adults (five feet high). The arrangement of the poles included the shape of a boat to the exact dimensions of the SIEV X, allowing visitors to walk amongst them, experiencing the small, confined space, which held so many people.

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