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The hilly heaven of Mannar has long been one of the most loved, and preferred holiday destination mainly for its misty views, and sprawling tea plantations all around. But approximately 38 kilometers from Munnar across the border in Tamil Nadu lies one of the best-kept secrets of the station the hills of gold kuma lie about 7,000 130 feet above sea level the coloca Malaya Hills are home to the highest organic tea plantations in the world, and owns the region’s oldest tea factory established in 1930 offering a spectacular view of the steep slopes of tea gardens all around the colca malai hills are still not known by many. Because this hill station is not for everyone only if you are – nature lover, and ready to take the bone-rattling drive up the hill you will be able to witness the glorious beauty of the undulating tea gardens, and circled by majestic mountains Kolak Emily is situated in any district of Tamil Nadu, and is accessible only by Jeep due to bumpy road covering last 15 kilometer at the hill from Minard it is about a 45 kilometers journey to reach here from winner you have to go to Chinna canal.

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Then Surya Nellie in Edo key district of Kerala which is five kilometres away, and then hire a full view drive vehicle to reach to the top of the t-state you can also hire a local Jeep which will cost rupees 1202 rupees 1404 for ours right a drive through the town Soria Nellie takes you to the sprawling tea plantations owned by Harrison’s Malayalam Limited an entry fee of rupees hundred for the vehicle is charged at this point, and from here starts the bumpy off-roading through a narrow, and rocky path with a number of hairpin bends all the way up to the colca malai peak the drive through the rocks is bumpy, and challenging, and not so much fun especially for kids, and seniors you can however get down from the Jeep in between to soak in the scenic beauty of the tea gardens, and circle the majestic mountains, and feel the moist touch of mist, and take a lovely stroll on the pathways in the plantations it’s an experience in itself after one, and a half hours of bone-rattling drive you come across a boat saying now you are at 7,000 130 feet the koakuma light peak the view from this spot will literally take your breath away the embrace of misty clouds will instantly make you forget the painful drive the moment it engulfs you in its arms it’s beauty at its peak, and spectacular views of the far-off Plains in the bordering state of Tamil Nadu with Tamil Nadu on one side, and Kerala on the other end the cool breeze, and pleasant climate will soothe the mind, and soul you can spend some time reading the cloud shredded mountains slipping in, and out of the mist, and soak in the greenery, and pleasant aroma around yeah yeah two kilometers downhill from the peak is a small tea stall near the tea factory you can sip in a warm cup of tea before starting the tea factory tour the tea factory is old, and has ancient machinery, and produces Orthodox tea it’s called Orthodox tea.

Because tea is grown organically, and it’s hand processed towards sunrise from kuru Camilla you will have to book a jeep in advance, and will have to start as early as 4:00 a.m. cause it will take you approximately two hours to reach carries on breakfast, and warm drinks since nothing will be available there during the early hours the factory opens at 10:00 a.m. So be prepared there is a three-bedroom guest house run by the tea estate at Koh lucuma live which you need to book in advance you can also stay as Surya nearly for the added advantage of being close to the hills the triptych Oh Luca malai is basically a full day eight to nine hours trip besides taking the cheap one can also track up to the hills a word of caution if you have any spine or backache problems keep away from this right pregnant women people with heart, and other health issues minors, and senior citizens should not risk it as well witness the gorgeous beauty of the tea gardens play off the mist, and fog, and watch the panoramic views of the rolling hills from the top goal Akuma high hills is a must visit for every nature lover I hope you enjoyed reading this post don’t forget to give this post a big thumbs up, and comment the blog for more posts thanks for reading Oh.

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