A List of the Top Dead Sea Sights and Attractions for Your Holiday

A trip to the Dead Sea on your next holiday may sound like a great proposal. After all, it’s truly a unique place on this planet. The lake with it’s very high salt content (yes, it’s actually a lake, and not a sea) is about 400 metres below actual sea level, giving it a higher barometric pressure; it allows you to float (you can’t sink), and its high mineral content and absence of allergens and its low presence of bacteria make it a wonderful experience for healthy living. And we haven’t even mentioned its historical and cultural significance yet.

Still, it would be a shame to visit only the area of the Dead Sea itself; there is so much to experience in the vicinity. Do you want to make your trip truly special? Here’s a list of the top Dead Sea sights, such as the Qumran caves and more – for your holiday.

A List of the Top Dead Sea Sights and Attractions for Your Holiday Photo Gallery

The Dead Sea

In Hebrew, the Dead Sea is called Yam Hamelach (salty sea), and in Arabic it’s called Bahr Lut (sea of Lot). It’s a very low-lying area, about 400 metres below sea level, and it’s found between Jordan and Israel. No ordinary marine life is possible there; the salt level is simply too high (which is where the name Dead Sea comes from) and this also ensures that visitors simply float (you can’t sink as the density of the water is much higher than that of the human body). The high mineral content also means that it’s very healthy – and the mud found in the area is said to be the best for healthy and relaxing mud baths.

Nearby must-sees

Make sure to check out the following attractions nearby:

• Qumran – this is one of the most valuable locations when it comes to archaeology and religion; this is where the Dead Sea scrolls were discovered, after all.

• Wadi David – in contrast to the surrounding hills and nearby areas, this place is full of lush vegetation. It also is the place of a Calcolithic temple from about 4000 BC.

• Masada – on top of this mountain you can find the ancient ruins of a stronghold once occupied by King Herod, and then later the Romans. It’s got a rich history and a Jewish legend that will make you appreciate history and culture much more.

A trip to the Dead Sea is so much more than experiencing the Dead Sea itself – it’s a marvellous experience that involves history, culture, beautiful hiking trails, amazing sites, music and light shows, health spas, UNESCO World Heritage Site visits, and infinite amazement and fun. If you’re planning to go on a holiday, then make it truly exciting – make it unique and memorable and visit as much as you can in the Dead Sea vicinity.

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