Living in the Amazon Jungle Peru

Hey everybody, and welcome to the Amazon jungle I’ve just worked enough to start to 6 a.m. and I think I found the best seat in the house cuz we were right against the river right here beautiful was an incredible sunrises here I’ve had some little friends sitting with me, and reading it. But we are going to go on a bit of a hike into the jungle today. So I need to go, and top up some this is the mess hall where everyone comes in for breakfast, and I see someone is getting us some fresh water morning oh yeah.

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So this is kind of like the lobby area, and we have unlimited water came from here, and then we have unlimited bananas as well which I thought was kind of cool they’ve got off the trees yes that’s awesome let’s go leaving the civilization into the jungle we’ve been told to crush up these leaves he’s put a bit of water on there just doesn’t know what it’s going to happen you know one with the jungle juice everybody open the ice monkey just here going deeper, and deeper into the forest see the Sun slowly disappearing come across the stream. So they’ve built like little bridge it’s not gonna hold all of us at once oh yeah it’s a rickety old bridge I know what’s in there. But I don’t want to fall in there oh you know the operon is in the Amazon aren’t their handles gone on this side just gonna use my hat I’ve been enjoying your Amazon track thank you yeah seen so much, and animals although I didn’t say before this little like makeup he’s put on our Facebook she goes medicinal purposes found some remains of a wild pig oh that has a spider on it as well eaten by Jaguar fingers crossed teaser fall from his meal. So he’s been looking for another snack like a mangrove plantation. So heading towards a jetties see you guys back at the bar we’ve just come onto the river we’ve jumped onto a couple of canoes, and we’re to go look for some wildlife fingers crossed we find an anaconda maybe not though it would be good to see one of those reni why are you taking us to the anacondas, and the Caymans hey buddy she’s trying to drink me, I’m trying to drink me Oh God is found an anaconda trail just in this well. So it could still be here feels such a cool experience luncheon army bags see what they have given us yesterday’s is pretty cool. But often you might deserve to go oh oh it’s another in a leaf again whoa that is cool Amazon rice guys it’s been a couple of hours later, and we all took the afternoon off just to relax in Shore, and is now the sunset, and we just stopped to come, and take it all in.

So beautiful we just watch the sunset now gone soon we’re gonna be jumping into the boat yes cuz we’re gonna go look the Caymans do I look tired I just had a nap in a hammock that, I’m we’re gonna look the Caymans cuz we try to find some today that I say they’re more active at night times. But a minister doesn’t know what one like Cayman is a crocodile, and alligator. But not a crocodile in an alligator that’s what we’re looking for a non crocodile alligator I also forgot to tell you guys that I had a bottle of fake tan, and it exploded in our bag, and I thought I’d cleaned it all up except there was a pair of black socks of Stephens, and he wore those black socks, and I didn’t realize that they were drenched in tan, and look at his heels. So it’s just stop they are so orange, and it has been like this for over a week, and it just won’t go away like they are ridiculous, I’m so sorry Steve. So you might have the time nope I think you found something , and he goes Wow he’s actually huge why is he coming in our direction love he’s coming to get us yeah you got a train that’s a good one that’s how you have fun not Hey everybody is the next day, and we need to do the big mission that gets us back to civilization. So after breakfast we need to jump on a boat and, I’m gonna bus, and then go to the airport, and catch a flight to Cusco guys welcome to Cusco will tell you everything about this place. But currently the biggest thing you need to know is that we are 3,300 meters above sea level which means that less oxygen is currently going to our brain which can actually lead to altitude sickness which is actually a little bit scary.

But we’re gonna drink a lot of water I have a lot of electrolytes, and apparently there’s like a local cocoa tea we can have. But yeah let’s go explore Cusco don’t even make me a little bit puff doing that bit we need to climb what a thousand yeah housing needs to get to Machu Picchu which begins in a couple of days we’re in Cusco defy some llamas Turkish yeah just got some hydrolyzed from Kohls I was expecting more of a show are there guys as it just going for a bit of a walking tour around cusco it’s a super interesting city. Because we’ve never been to Spain or anything that really has a lot of Spanish polish every time, I’m going to talk to you, I’m gonna be out of breath yeah in terms of like an update I feel I feel like a little bit floaty like I don’t feel like it’s more disgust I was just a little bit Airy floaty Vegas is a church, and this wall here was one of the most important like places it was 500 years ago. So it’s the original buildings, I’m in the Spanish team they started building all these building I was listening to our contacts with Jess this is the wall will pointin out before, and it was made bleeding 500 years ago positioning a stone nothing’s between her, and you can’t even get a piece of paper in there it is that perfectly other people back in the day do this I think the cool thing about cuzco is that when the Spaniards came, and conquered her they just built on top of it they thought there were such excellent builders. But on earth that is so cute okay whatever I just said did not matter. Because I just thought maybe alpaca, and it was so cute I do like tacos. But I think the chef’s special is not for me. So you can see this is the inca wall, and then they’ve just built on top of them all right oh you just come up with the gecko squad to go have our first dinner here in the altitude. But it is a very important soccer match on tonight do you remember where we are yeah Peru is plain Argentina. So where we are right now versus the neighboring country, and whoever wins this soccer match goes through to the World Cup. So we’ve come to a like a really nice place. But no one is really eating which is reading the soccer it is a very cool experience.

Because the restaurant is doing crazy including the waiters they just stopping looking at the map. So I feel like our food is gonna take a while tonight even the waiters are getting excited No.


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