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Do not expect to spend a quiet day exploring the stacks in London’s libraries. The libraries are jammed and the wait to get a book can stretch into hours.

Windsor Castle, an excursion out of London, is awesome in dimension. The public school of Eton is nearby, best known of all private schools. The place is suitably medieval and the boys appear in costume.

The number two attraction in Britain? You guessed it, Stratford Upon Avon, Shakespeare’s home. As the name implies, the village sits upon the little Avon River, northwest of Oxford. Don’t overlook Ann Hathaway’s cottage and the beautiful church on the edge of town.

The Southwest is England’s favorite playground. Appropriately, the tip of England, in Cornwall, is called Land’s End. East of Cornwall is Devon, with coasts on both the English Channel and Bristol Channel. Torquay is one of the better known beach towns on the English Channel. Devon is home to the famous Devon Teas, a baking powder biscuit plus jam and heavy clotted cream. (If clotted cream is unavailable, use heavy whipped cream.)

East of London is Bath, popular since its founding by the Romans for its curative hot springs and since the eighteenth century for its Georgian style of architecture.

Address the Lord Jesus Christ, with Prayers, like them London Subway Map of old, That all the Maladies upon the Souls of thy Children may be cured and that London Subway Map the Evil One may have no possession of them. Yea, when thou do cast thine Eyes upon the Little Folks, often in a day dart up an Ejaculatory Prayer to Heaven for them; Lord, let this child be thy servant for ever. If your Prayers are not presently answered, be not Disheartened: Remember the Word of the Lord, in Luke 18:1, That men ought always to pray, and not to faint. Redouble your Importunity, until thou speed for thy child, as the poor Woman of Canaan did. Join Fasting to thy Prayer; it may be, the evil in the soul of your child, will not go out, without such a Remedy. David sets himself to Fasting, as well as Prayer, for the Life of his Child.

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