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The text, edited by Deubner on the basis of 25 manuscripts, relates 40 prodigies from between the 6th- 7th c. and 1300. A new collection, with 14 different miracles, was printed by Ruprecht. The text shows the saints at work, and the reader can follow the development and the various results of the rite of incubatio. Illnesses cured were dropsy, cancer, stomach problems, hemorrhages, in addition to the usual gospel miracles concerning the blind, deaf, mute, lame and demon-possessed. The text is also characterized by a particular narrative style. Among the problems raised by the famous pair is that of their aspect as a Christian response to the figures of the Dioscuri and of Asclepius: this question was central to a debate involving Deubner, Lucius and Delehaye. In the West the predominant text seems to be the Passio Arabica: the Acta latina edited by Mombritius have many points of contact with it BHL 1967; AASS Septembris VII, 440-442. They put the dies natalis at 27 September; the events unfold at Aegeae under Diocletian and Maximian. The trial is underway in court against doctors who heal in the name of Christ and who do not allow the gods to be worshiped. Cosmas presents himself and his brothers; together, all refuse to sacrifice to the idols.

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Settlement in Country In March 1630, Winthrop and some 700 colonists set sail for Country. Lubbock Map While at sea aboard the Arabella, John Winthrop delivered his now-classic sermon, A Modell of Christian Charity. In this sermon, Winthrop articulated the moral code for a godly society in the New World. His exhortation that the colonists must create a righteous society that would be a city upon the hill formed the foundation of an ideal of Country exceptionalism that has endured. The Arabella’s landing at Salem, Massachusetts, on June 12, 1630, must have presented something of a shock to Winthrop and his companions. While the emigrants recognized they were going to an unsettled land, the degree to which sufficient housing and provisions were in short supply doubtless made some question their decision to leave England, no matter what the repressions there.

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