The middle of the Indian Ocean in the Maldives, and we have a beautiful beautiful Sun just poking up right now on our horizon, and last night was my first time ever sleeping on a boat overnight sleeping on a boat I mean you can see right now it’s very peaceful when you first start. Because you’re going back, and forth. But then after a while especially if there’s a big wave kick take some getting used to I passed out last night after that surf we got back here it was maybe 8 p.m.


I just passed out. But, I’m awake day number two Hey my bad it’s up in all right. So we’re getting ready now we’re all waxing up, and apparently this is like what we came here yesterday there’s one two three four surf boats here now. So, I’m thinking they get the tourists, and they take me to this break, and they’re like oh yeah this is the best spot you can see we’re gonna paddle out right there my room is this slow-mo shot my roommates cheating on me right now putting some scripts like what is it with the live it is with the fight actually Yasha you’re gonna get his upper quad snacks yeah cuz. Because the Sun really hits there, I’ll show you the chest – Jeff how are you today great okay. So explain the situation right now this is what we have going on beautiful beautiful morning in the Maldives we have one boat there another surf boat there another one there us, and then that boat over there. So we’ve got like we’re excited we’re gonna meet up sewing new friends the water super 500 people out on the break yeah cheering good boxers the three of us, and 50 other guys, I’m gonna wax up jump in the water I miss the way we thought that day all right.

So did a little drone flying some surfing actually a lot of surfing, and I paddled back which was kind of dumb they have those dingy boats that take us from the boat to the break, I’m like you know, I’m just gonna paddle back it’s a good like 30 40 minute paddle, I’m the only person on the boat now everyone’s out in the water surfing. So, I’m gonna give a little tour of this boat really quick cuz I mean I don’t want to spend too much time showing the boat cuz look where we are we are in paradise front of the boat we have this nice sitting area some drinks out here you walk down to the with this Beach starboard side you go down the starboard side you come into the main room you have nice little dinner eating area you have karaoke you have a bar right here, and then the big boy seat the captain’s seat, I’m going to take the helm for a little bit all sorts of instruments I should not be touching, and then you go over this way we have a nice TV little library area this is kind of main hallway room here you walk down here, and this is where all the rooms are well most of the rooms are down there nice map of where we’re at over here is the kitchen I think they’re making breakfast oh they actually just got done making breakfast right from the kitchen the master suite just kidding this is uh this is my room for the next 10 days, I’m living with this guy named Matt really cool guy from Laguna Beach bunk beds desks kind of messy with all the camera gear this is kind of main hallway with all the rooms I think there’s ten rooms on the boat maybe maybe a bit more watch your head if the duck everywhere, and you walk out here this is the big family table nice big table with all the seeds what’s up what’s your name some Eric nice to meet you, I’m trying to be a guy here it’s really difficult cuz I don’t know that much about everything yeah. But you’ve been here before right yeah. But see I can stay here for two months, and just surf the same thing. But I figured that as a guide I should encourage us to like look around see the Maldives exactly exactly there’s so much to see cuz right over there if you look out that window there’s a left, and we’re all goofy foot the most of us are there’s a left, and it’s a private break. So we can’t even go out there, and surf, and I just saw a guy get barreled there did you oh my god. So we should go we have to walk like this don’t look at possible I need to put the shades down on that side yeah.

Because then if you see over this way that’s where we were surfing this morning on that break which isn’t bad. But it’s just really really crowded wait one second youngbeom my god yeah. So welcome to the next break we’re about maybe 30 minutes south now the last break there’s a break here, and it looks a very very shallow, and then over that way there’s another break we’re going out now we’re heading to this island first time on actual solid land in a good three days those little boats right there like the taxis of the Maldives everyone has a boat no cars at all, I’m guessing this is some kind of a resort they have basically all these surf shacks the roads here are sand roads, I’m gonna be completely honest right now, I’m kind of little I guess melancholy is the best word we’re in this beautiful place, and I just got hit with kind of like a snap of uh kind of just sadness a little bit. Because the last time I was in a tropical destination a beautiful white sand beach like this it was Bonaire, and and I went to bon-aire with Jess it’s uh I don’t even know if we can put this on the post. But this is just how, I’m feeling, and I kind of want to use these posts more or less to continue the document sort of I guess thoughts, and memories like a post journal. So I might put that I might not we’ll see it’s just a weird feeling to come to a place like this, and be. So low it’s not a bad thing though it’s just different I have to say you’re a good boyfriend taking the instagrams coming to the island.

But it’s like it wouldn’t I hate shooting photos when it’s like average shots. But yeah, and it’s like epic it’s really fun in a place like this it’s even right here this looks like this is an Instagram be straight streets yeah Golden Hour see then it’s easy. But yeah when it’s like shitty light they’re wearing some weird fashion thing yeah this is cool. Because this is like I’ve never seen a place like this other than the Caribbean the Caribbean comes really close to how this is was just the vibes, and the people, and even these little shops if we’re going into this little it’s like I guess like a 5, and 10 the front door is so tiny I can barely fit through the front door, and my head is the ceiling boys check this place out bigger is fully better it’s like a little candy shop Wario’s Oreos that’s the classics what vibes what island vibes I feel like I could just disappear from the world for a month, and live in a place like this, and surf, and just grow a very long beard one day not yet I have to go back to Toronto in two weeks what do you think of this place how’s the tropical feel on this oh yeah this is as tropical as it gets I think that’s the coolest thing that we’re not confined to like one island we can go in the boat, and good as many breaks as we want it’s a lot like the Caribbean yeah that Island I was telling you about Martinique Martinique is almost this has a bit more like of the Arabian feel yeah, and then the Indian influence. But it’s like you walk down streets since like this, and there’s like the pink walls the blue walls just chillin look at that pink bike awesome the second day, and the Maldives the next few clips will be some amazing drone shots of a surfing courtesy mr. Ross his blog will be linked down below check him out why pause pause pause it’s now midnight and, I’m reading the drone footage that Ross posted I want this anything else I just could end the post here.

So until tomorrow everyone smile more worry less, and live your passion every single day, I’m finally starting to take my own advice, and do that, and there’s no better feeling in the whole world.

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