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Hey guys Subba al khair from Egypt. So first of all I know it has been. So long since I have uploaded a post onto my blog, and I am so sorry I I don’t even know how this happened I just went back onto social media yesterday, and I did have time to go through everything. But something that I did notice was that an overwhelmingly large amount of people had written to me or posted comments or left me notes saying are you okay please let us know where are you did something happen I am so sorry to worry you guys that was not my intention really the just the time here in Egypt got away from me I didn’t even realize, I’ll talk more about that in a second as for the reason that I did this unplanned break from social media I guess it ended up being is well first for the good part I love Egypt okay. So I’ve uploaded three posts about Egypt those three posts cover about the first week that I was here. So one week whereas the time that I have been here in total as of right now is two months just wanted to explain that first. Because I know that the time frame might seem a bit confusing for the first month that I was here I was traveling all around Egypt just exploring going to a ton of different places having all these amazing adventures I went all over the country every which corner of Egypt, and it was absolutely amazing, and then for the second month I were supposed to leave. But I loved it so much that I decided to stay, and I ended up getting a temporary residency visa from the first two or three days that I was here I just knew that this was where I belong it just felt like home from the very beginning, and I tell everyone there’s no reason why a gyp should feel.

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So familiar to me it is vastly different from where I grew up in the US. But it does I feel very at home here I feel very free, and inspired I get it now what people mean when they talk about having a sense of home, and just really loving a place, and even wanting to settle down there which is not words that I ever used if you know me I know I’ve only been in Egypt for two months. But I’ve anywhere in the world if I had to base it just on how it makes me feel then I would definitely say Egypt feels like it like I I just love it there I love everything about its it’s even just little things like the people that I’ve met here oh you made a stop taking forever what took you. So long hello everyone the food is amazing I’ve always wanted to learn Arabic. So being here I’ve gotten to practice a lot, and learn and, I’m trying to speak more every day I don’t like yeah come on don’t be shy actually becomes thumbs up, I’m tracted as of right now, I’m not a chef akiza I live in Giza that’s kind of the good side of it on the opposite side why I would say don’t worry, I’m okay. But but being here in Egypt, and being So happy and So myself has kind of led me to start realizing a lot of things, and thinking about a lot of things I have some personal things going on that just kind of complicates this whole thing as you guys know I was in China before I came to Egypt I was living in China for six months, and I was supposed to live there for another six at least.

So a year in total when I left for Egypt which was supposed to be one month now has turned into two I did not leave China with the mindset of oh, I’m leaving leaving China, and going to live in Egypt that was not it at all I was leaving for a trip, and after a month I would be back even though I lived there, and have an apartment there I am there as a traveler and, I’m not going to live there forever. So I don’t want to say I have a life in China. But you guys know what I mean, and I kind of do I have an apartment I have more of my things there that is the least important thing that I have there however my friend poppy that you guys might know adventure partner r friend poppy is still in China Livio is going to be in China for sure for at least six more months there’s compromises that can be done. But only to a certain point Egypt, and China are extremely far apart the flights are long, and expensive I can’t live in both China, and Egypt at the same time getting more, and more things here, and building a potential life here when I know that it’s not going to work out, and I have to to go sometimes I think to myself this must be the purpose of travel to find a place that you absolutely love, and that you feel this connection with, and that inspires you, and makes you think, and challenges you in this amazing way that must be what travel is all about. Because this is the best place that I’ve ever been, and I’ve never loved a place like this, and wouldn’t everyone want to find that. So if this is what travel is about to find this place then just to leave I want to stay.

But I need to leave, and and then on the other side I need to stay, and I want to leave, and if you guys are annoyed at me for being this confused traveler making a confusing post with no conclusion dad knew I don’t blame you. Because that’s how I feel about myself, and my journals lately are just full of this, and I read back, and then I just see myself in the future going oh my god just go just, I’m sorry I even have a horse, and I go riding in the desert past the pyramids every night I don’t post that’s kind of what started this whole thing I would go I went riding one night on my horse in the desert my Arabian Horus, and I didn’t bring my phone I didn’t bring my camera I didn’t bring anything I just went not to post not to take pictures just to go that’s what I did the next night, and the next night, and the next night, and every night after that, and I have never once posted my horse, and my family asks for pictures of him, and I don’t have any. Because, I’m just out living life here in Egypt without a camera which is not common for me I don’t know I don’t want to say anything that makes you guys think oh no she’s abandoned she doesn’t want to post anymore I love posting posting is good for me posting isn’t a bad thing for me I didn’t take a break. Because oh no, I’m posting too much my life is just overwhelmed by cameras I need to take a break no that wasn’t it at all I feel like for me posting, and photography, and postgraphy are very very positive things in my life they’re constructive they are a creative outlet for me their storytelling outlet they are something, I’m passionate about just in every way a good thing a great thing that I love, and I am gonna keep doing of course making posts I have. So many posts coming up that I have to edit probably about to money again we’re getting away with ourselves just keep going off on these topics I felt like I owed you guys an explanation the post that, I’m editing now, and that I was actually about to upload today is just a normal travel post beautiful post a beautiful place, I’m looking forward to showing you guys call it a swan. But I just didn’t feel like it would be that it would make sense to just upload that post after three weeks with absolutely no explanation of where I’ve been, and why I have been absent from the internet, and I felt like you guys were owed an explanation, and kind of know what’s going on in my life thank you guys for listening today, I’m sorry that this post is kind of rambling, and not really any conclusion I am okay. But I have some things to sort out.

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