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Hello, and welcome to the beautiful Istanbul Turkey I’ve been in the city for just over a month now, and I still can’t get over how amazing the food scene is here. So today, I’m going to take you around, and show you some traditional Turkish food with local friends helping me along on this delicious expedition is my main man goon a from walks of Turkey boys gazes welcome to Turkey, and of course we had to bring along food experts, and who better to help you with Turkish food than local models girls let’s go eat come on that’s your money back to you yeah all right it’s different it’s different absolutely you screams yeah like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory in here for the Turkish Virgil done.

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Istanbul Nightlife Guide

There’s this damn bull map you come out of the bar, and you’re gonna get like amazing food you get beautiful buns outside the bar, and fresh mussels at 3:30, and why was it cheese in there, and I just drag to look very go go home dad good night, I’m gonna sign off yeah nothing good happens after 3:30 you know that good night Istanbul is a mega metropolis with a notorious nightlife scene with literally hundreds of options from happy hour to after hours, I’m going to take you around, and show you some of those popular party spots this town has to offer come on let’s kick things off at the after dark epicentre of Fox, and the HD Klaus Street which stretches from Taksim Square down towards the Galata Tower with bars, and clubs to fit all budgets.

And interests you’d be hard-pressed not to find a vibe you like here a favorite of mine is a bar called picnic chief where they serve up an abundance of crazy shots, and dance music, and while in the area don’t miss the views from one of the many rooftop Bars overlooking the city places like 360 Falcone, and Vida are a must for more laid-back approach to the top floor experience check out meek lebar at the modern mount up era for a beautiful sunset, and while you’re feeling classy head over the Nashawn to a neighborhood for an upscale evening at places like limoncello or make your way down the Sheung gear to taste the vodka lemonade’s akika from more budget-friendly night out head over to the student-friendly neighborhoods fish – or ortho food where you can enjoy an evening along the Bosphorus for mayor move inland to one of the many street side bars, and restaurants in the area if you’re looking for something much more intense you’ll be right down the street from the mega clubs of Istanbul including the world-famous Rana, and my personal favorite Sochi across from the Bosphorus is the neighborhood of catechu II, and the beautiful modak coast enjoy sunset along the waterfront, and stick around for some drinks for whatever night activities are happening in the park another cool scene got to go out to the food on the asian side young turks all going out good seeing a lot of bars here for everybody got a little change of pace, and after a long week piled into a hired car pick up some friends, and go do something different, and Sunday night special party a little rooftop salsa night at the Doubletree in the category.

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