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Hey it is my first day in Venice I am really looking towards just wandering around then it such a dream of mine for. So long. So walking along the canal they don’t know where I am right now walking there are these really narrow well that was a dead end go back easy to get lost here you know that sounds like a cliche getting lost in Venice.

Map of Venice Photo Gallery

But it’s very easy to walk down this street, and it just pretty much Oh a Lucky Penny. So a lot of streets here just end abruptly either in a dead-end completely or they just lead to the water I mean it does make the city feel like a maze very intriguing serious I kind of really like it. But it’s frustrating when you’re trying to actually get somewhere which I guess, I’m not I think that those were the cutest fish I have ever seen, and also the only fish I’ve ever pitted. So now I am trying to find San Marcos squared with more of the popular area having been just walking her I’ve come to a bit of a quieter area. Because it’s getting very crowded everywhere, and this is offseason. So I can only imagine what it’s like in the summer. So I decided to look for the famous Rialto Bridge, and when I found it on the map I discovered that actually I’ve already walked over it earlier.

But I would have never expected it I don’t know it just wasn’t what I expected it was full of shops you couldn’t even see the water from it at all, and it’s very touristy, and commercialized which I guess might be to expect it in to be expected. But not what I expected anyway now, I’m going to find San Marco square which will probably also be pretty touristy. But I think I have to go. So there are some squares that are just. So overwhelmingly touristy that they kind of aren’t worth it. But this is not one of them it is so beautiful here we really really love it.

So gorgeous it just had some gelato course that’s necessary, I’m not sure what, I’m going to do now you.

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