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Closed: Legal Holidays.

Facilities: Building (21.300 square feet): Classrooms: Galleries; Library (1,500 volumes, non-circulating); Reading Room: Sales/Rental Gallery: Shop.

Activities Arts Festival: Concerts: Education Programs (adults and children, 70 classes/year); Films; Gallery Talks: Guided Tours: Lectures; Permanent Exhibits; Temporary Exhibitions.

Publications: annual report; exhibition catalogues: newsletter (bi-monthly).

Mason City Ward Map

The MacXider Museum presents selections from its permanent collection and a schedule of temporary exhibitions. The permanent collection of approximately 1,000 works focuses on American art, providing examples of various periods, styles, and artists with a representative sampling of works by Iowan and Midwestern artists. Artists represented include George Bellows, Thomas Hart Benton, Aaron Bohrod. A.T. Bricher. Jasper Cropsey, Stephen de Staebler, Arthur Dove, Sam Francis, Morris Graves, Philip Guston. G.P.A. Healey. Mauricio Lasansky, Jack Levine. John Marin. Maria Martinez, Xathan Oliveira, John Sloan, Paul Soldner. Toshiko Takeazu, Grant Wood, and Henriette Wyeth. Holdings also nclude the largest collection of the creations of puppeteer Bil Baird to be found anywhere.

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Mason City Map and Guide Photo Gallery

Mount Vernon

Cornell College – Armstrong Gallery

Armstrong Hall of Fine Arts, 600 1st St, West, Mount Vernon, IA 52314-1098 Tel: (319) 895-4137 Fax: (319) 895-4492

Internet Address: Department Chairman: Mr. Anthony Plaut Admission: free.

Mason City Street Map

Attendance: 500 Established: 1853

Open: Academic Year, Monday to Friday, 9am-4pm; Sunday, 2pm-4pm.

Closed: Academic Holidays.

Facilities: Exhibition Area.

Activities: Education Programs (undergraduate college students); Lectures: Temporary Exhibitions.

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Located in Armstrong Hall of Fine Arts, the gallery presents monthly student and traveling exhibitions. Armstrong Hall houses the Colleges art collections, including the Whiting Glass Collection; nearly 200 prints from the collection of Dr. William K. Jacques; the Sonnenshein Collection of drawings by Carlo Dolci, Gustave Dore, and others; a permanent collection of paintings, including works by Richard Anuskiewiscz, Karel Appel, and Larry Rivers; and a slide collection. Also of possible interest on campus is the Commons Gallery (open Sam to midnight), which mounts monthly exhibitions.

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