330 Bay St, Toronto, 416-306-0467 CUISINE: Italian DRINKS: Full Bar

SERVING: Breakfast, Lunch &Dinner PRICE RANGE: $$

NEIGHBORHOOD: Financial District

Part of a mini-chain but it feels like it’s a high-end eatery. The menu features Italian classics and creative specials. Favorites include: Spaghetti Chitarra with octopus and Costatine (Short Ribs). Nice selection of Italian wines and rich desserts.


At this time of year, the adult male birds have a beautiful, almost fluorescent green-purple sheen on their chest and a back of shiny bronze brown. Megstone has also been adopted by a large colony of grey seals, the majority of which are found at the southern end. This is probably due to the proximity of the low flat rocks at the southern corner, which are sheltered from a northerly swell and are convenient and accessible to them after high water. The island is governed by National Trust regulations and is a protected nature reserve, so landing on it is strictly prohibited. The National Trust wardens visit Megstone in their inflatable dinghy on a regular basis, checking on the birds and seals. The flat rock on the western (shore) side of the island dries out over an area of about 30 metres at low tide while beyond that, except for a few small ridges, the seabed, which is covered in dense kelp, just very gradually slopes downward for a further 250 metres to the west. It’s not surprising that Megstone, given its location, has seen a few disasters over the years. Ten known vessels have come to grief on the Megstone, three in which lives were lost: The Dundee schooner Eclipse was wrecked on 5 March 1851 and all hands were lost. On 16 December 1873 the schooner Ocean Bridge perished with all her crew. In 1886 the schooner Leda was also wrecked, and lost with all her crew.

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