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Berkeley soon regained control of Virginia and in the process executed twenty-three men before he was recalled to England. The rebellion did lead to the creation of a new series of treaties with the native peoples in the area, in turn opening more land to white settlement. Milwaukee Metro Map After the rebellion, there was a distinct transition from the use of indentured servants to the utilization of slave labor.

The second of these riots was Leisler’s Rebellion, which occurred in the context of England’s Glorious Revolution in 1688. The seeds of the rebellion were planted in 1664, when the English captured New Amsterdam and turned it into New York while allowing the already established Dutch inhabitants to remain. When news reached the colonies of the removal of James II and his replacement by William and Mary, most of the colonies accepted the change. In New York, Jacob Leisler captured the government and became governor in the name of the new king and queen. In 1691, the king finally appointed a new governor for New York, but Leisler refused to give up power.

He was charged with treason and executed, along with his son. This seizure of power by Leisler, to the detriment of the old elite, caused a division in New York politics between the Leisler and anti-Leisler factions, creating problems for years to come. What can be seen in both of these uprisings are attempts on the part of emerging factions to gain some type of political power. Riots with political motives would move into the background for most of the eighteenth century, only to re-emerge in the 1760s.

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