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Hey all, welcome to Madonna we are here today for a real treat alongside me is Clint world-famous travel blogger, I’m sure you’ve heard of them to the Stars, and also our local food connection Caterina we are gonna go taste some of this region’s best Italian cuisine what we have is the balsamic a traditional parmigiano-reggiano that in any of that means. But we’re gonna find out this is eating, and milena let’s go less than an hour’s drive for about a 20 minute train ride from Bologna is a small Italian city that you’ve probably never heard of. But you do know its exports very well Molina is the birthplace of Pavarotti the origin of Ferrari, and the nucleus of parmesan, and balsamic vinegar. So when taste Bologna asked Clinton eye to stop our roadtrip, and spend the day eating food in Modena it was an offer we couldn’t refuse, and it all begins with breakfast Coffee is of course essential, and the most traditional sidekick here is a diamond-shaped dough called milk Oh freedom oh it’s not too sweet just a nice little piece of fried dough in the morning. But cappuccino is delicious good foam it’s a good start of the day charged up on carbs, and caffeine we venture over to my absolute favorite spot in any city the Central Market colorful fruits, and vegetables fresh meat, and fish the chatter of people making deals I just I love it all this market also has the added bonus of pre-prepared meals, and the most incredible looking homemade pasta delicious what the main attraction the main reason we are all here in the first place is the cheese the stinky beautiful cheese, and I have to sit down emotionally to try a few things almost of no posters, and now we start to see the crystals around here always meaning like very good angel, and our look the structure is it okay to say that’s sexy yo yeah one year old two years old three years old 36 months three years old this right strong talking sour right falling apart as delicious.

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So we taste the difference between three age varieties of parmesan try lambrusco jam with fresh ricotta cheese fried zucchini blossoms which honestly don’t have much flavor you like that what’s taste like, and an interesting local drink which cooked down them Brusco grapes, and sparkling water. Because our vision is very into our banana prune juice next up the most prized possession in the region Catherina takes us to a balsamic vinegar shop to have my mind blown I had no idea the effort it takes to make traditional balsamic vinegar, and the levels involved sure there’s the basic industrialized form which requires a minimum aging of only two months that’s what you have in your salads at Applebee’s. But true traditional balsamic vinegar of modena has two categories of aging one for a minimum of 12 years, and for the second a minimum of 25 years. Because of the time frame it was originally born as a tradition not a product to be sold true balsamics are only made with try beyond Oh or lambrusco grapes, and it develops flavors over time in different wooden casks much like wine or whiskey, and I do my best to pretend that I truly understand the difference at least 25 years old at first you taste the sweetness, and then the acidic portion pitch afterwards it tastes a little more like maple syrup to me 12 years old a little more acidic younger than the 24-year old one. So she told me oh that’s made out of cherry barrows much sweeter than the others that would be great on a snow cone moving on to something.

I do fully understand is a local sandwich called Asian themed served on a flat round bread or teach a llama, and filled with a variety of England pork cheese, and fruit spreads oh, and this is wine of Mahlon Lambrusco pork, and lamb Briscoe can’t beat it really thin slices of pork on a whole-grain little bun here wild cherries that’s not that she isn’t a cheese what do you think which one is your favorite you like the coach rosemary rosemary garlic large parmesan all muddled together with mutlar okay wants to make you talented on song yeah, and one last quintessential stop of the day it wouldn’t be a food tour without testing out the tasty treats this town has to offer yes Cheers spinach ricotta almonds sure deliciousness man that is good that is this guy oh that’s the original yes whoa that is a thick as you said it is as light as a brick that it is rich guys Dan says like fudge that’s a brownie that’s fun whoa, I’m on some enjoyments milady, and always should I sure today’s been just a peek into the food, and life here in Modena it’s the first place that I’ve experienced in Italy outside of Rome Florence, and Venice, and honestly I choose this every time , I’m officially stuffed falling behind the group now. But man was that a good day all hyped up on caffeine sugar, and Happiness this this is a beautiful town, and delicious food if you ever get a chance when you’re in Italy don’t pass this place up that’s it see you next time correction Tina creation Tina torta VB yeah yeah totally Italia telly commander man John O Connor people of kasi ba naught C Bar C. But like fudge.

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