Mongolia Travel Guide & Map for International Tourists

If you are planning a trip to Mongolia, you might want to check out this article for more information about the country and its places. Find a map of the country, travel guides and how-to guides for the different types of activities that can be done in Mongolia.

Map of Mongolia

Mongolia is a vast, sparsely populated country in Central Asia. The country’s landscape ranges from the snowcapped Altai Mountains in the north to the Gobi Desert in the south. The capital, Ulaanbaatar, is located in the east.

Mongolia is bordered by Russia to the north and northeast, China to the south and southwest, and Kazakhstan to the west. The population of Mongolia was estimated at just over three million in 2009. The majority of the population lives in urban areas.

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Mongolia is a country located in the middle of Asia. It is one of the largest and least-known countries in the world. Located on the northern border of China and Russia, it is also bordered by Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

Mongolia has a total area of 1,564,000 square kilometers. It has a population of about 3 million people. The capital city is Ulaanbaatar. The official language is Mongolian, but Russian, Chinese, and other languages are also spoken.

Mongolia is home to many interesting animals and plants. These include the argali, an antelope; the bactrian camel, which can go for long journeys; and the Gobi brown bear, which is the national animal of Mongolia.

The climate in Mongolia is cold desert climate. The average temperature in Ulaanbaatar during summer is 26 degrees Celsius while during winter it ranges from -5 degrees Celsius to -15 degrees Celsius.

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Mongolia Travel Guide

Mongolia is a landlocked country in Central Asia. It is bordered by Russia to the north, China to the east, and the Ural Mountains to the south. The capital and largest city is Ulaanbaatar. The population of Mongolia is about 3 million, most of whom live in the capital.

Mongolia is a land of vast distances and vast desert. It has an area of about 2,564,000 square kilometers, making it the world’s 26th-largest country. The landscape ranges from mountain ranges to grasslands, plateaus, and deserts. The climate is temperate. Mongolian culture is based on nomadic pastoralism and agriculture. The predominant religion is Buddhism. There are also significant numbers of Christians and Muslims in Mongolia.

Mongolia’s history spans over 4000 years and includes contributions from various cultures such as Chinese, Tibetan, Russian, Japanese, and American. Today, Mongolia continues to be influenced by these cultures while maintaining its own unique traditions.

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Weird Facts About Mongolia

1. The capital city of Mongolia is Ulaanbaatar.

2. Mongolia has two summits, the highest at Khan Tengri and the lowest at Khovsgol.

3. The country is covered in desert and grasslands, with mountains in the south and east.

4. Nomadic herders have been herding livestock in Mongolia for centuries.

5. The people of Mongolia are known for their archery skills, which they use to hunt wild animals.


Mongolia is a country full of mystery and intrigue, with an ancient history that stretches back thousands of years. It’s also one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world, and travelers are sure to find plenty to explore on their travels through this vast land. Whether you want to trek through spectacular mountain ranges or take a journey down into the depths of the Gobi Desert, Mongolia has something for everyone. If you’re interested in exploring this fascinating country for yourself, our Mongolia travel guide will help you get started.

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