Montage Kapalua Bay

MONTAGE KAPALUA BAY since its June 2014 debut, this luxury resort has made island indulgence its mission. For starters, its accommodations are all plush suites and residences with large lanais, and you’ll be the only couple wedding on property that day, so everything is available to you.

Tie the knot on the edge of the shoreline or on a sprawling lawn. Opt for The Clif House, a secluded intimate event venue perched over Namalu Bay that of ers absolute privacy.

You and your 10 to 40 guests will overlook the Pacific Ocean with nearby Lana’i and Molokai visible beyond through floor-to-ceiling windows. 808.662.6600,

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The western side of Northern Hares has a small reef wall with a few crevices in it. This is a decent novice dive on a low neap tide. The site is also subjected to a lot of white water when there is any northerly swell. All of this area, close in to the inside of the Longstone lighthouse, has a maximum depth of only about 4-5 metres. There are patches of sand, a few small reefs and occasionally, maybe, a few crustaceans, but generally speaking it is not very interesting, although you can collect a lot of winkles. The current is exceptionally strong on both ebb and flood spring tides. Not a dive as such, because it is too shallow, but it is worth mentioning that the remains of an old steam trawler lie scattered among the thick kelp bed in very shallow water. The small rusting remnants of a ship’s boiler can be seen just below the surface. Close to the inside of Longstone and just south of the lighthouse, there is a gap in the rocks with a landing stage built into the side of it. This is called Sunderland Hole and is one of two landing stages used by trip boat skippers to land their passengers at certain states of the tide.

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