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One of the two headstones marks the final resting place of Vincent Roy, who died in Superior Wisconsin, on February 18, 1872. According to John A. Bardon, a self-proclaimed historian of the Twin Ports area, Vincent Roy was a successful businessman and wealthy property owner of Superior. Vincent Roy’s father was French-Chippewa with connections to the American Fur Company both at Superior and Fond du Lac. His mother was Chippewa. Roy was a voyageur and interpreter for the earliest surveyors, missionaries, and explorers. He spoke French and several Indian dialects. He was self-educated and able to write with a fine hand. He owned and operated a trading post engaged in fur and fishing businesses around Lake Superior. He and a business partner, Antoine Gordon, owned the Schooner Algonquin that was used in his business on Lake Superior.

In the 1880’s, a brownstone quarry began operating just north of a dam located on the creek at the trailhead. This brownstone (from the Fond du Lac Sandstone Formation) was used to construct buildings in Duluth, Minneapolis/St. Paul, and Winnipeg, Manitoba.

There was likewise the print of her two Feet just without Monterey Metro Map the Threshold; but no more sign of any Footing further off. At another time this Deponent Monterey Metro Map was desired by the Prisoner, to come unto an Husking of Corn, at her House; and she said, If he did not come, it were better that he did! He went not; but the Night following, Susanna Martin, as he judged, and another came towards him. One of them said, Here he is! but he having a Quarter-staff, made a Blow at them. The Roof of the Barn broke his Blow; but following them to the Window, he made another Blow at them, and struck them down; yet they got up, and got out, and he saw no more of them. About this time, there was a Rumour about the Town, that Martin had a Broken Head; but the Deponent could say nothing to that. The said Peache also testify’d the Bewitching of Cattle to Death, upon Martin’s Discontents.

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