Nauru Travel Guide and Map for Tourists

In this article, you’ll learn about the most interesting aspects of Nauru, as well as find an easy to follow map. Stay safe on your trip with this free guide!

Map of Nauru

Nauru is an island country in the Micronesian region of the Pacific Ocean. It has a population of 10,000 people and an area of 22 square kilometers. The official language is Nauruan, but English is also spoken.

The government is a presidential republic with a unicameral legislature. The president is elected for a five-year term, and the prime minister is appointed by the president with the approval of the legislature. The judiciary is independent.

Nauru was annexed by Germany in 1888 and was part of the German Empire until World War I. After World War I, it became a League of Nations mandate territory under Australian administration. In World War II, Nauru was occupied by Japan from 1942 to 1945. Following the war, Nauru became a UN trust territory under Australian administration. In 1968, Nauru became an independent republic.

In 1974, Nauru severed diplomatic relations with Australia and proclaimed its independence as the Republic of Nauru. Australia has refused to recognize Nauru’s independence, although it does not have any territorial claims against Nauru.

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Nauru Travel Guide for Tourists

Nauru is an island country in the central Pacific Ocean. It is an endemic Micronesian island and was first settled by Polynesians in the 9th century. The island was annexed to Germany in the late 19th century, and then to Australia in 1915. The Japanese occupied Nauru during World War II, and it became a Trust Territory of the United Nations in 1946. Following independence from Australia in 1968, Nauru became a republic in 1979.

Nauru is one of the smallest countries in the world, with only 10,000 people living on the island. The majority of the population (60%) are Roman Catholic, with a small Protestant community. English is the official language, but there are also several Micronesian languages spoken on Nauru.

The main tourist attractions on Nauru are its beaches and coral reefs. There are also several rare bird species found on Nauru, such as the Nauruan woodpecker and the endangered Breuning’s toucanet.

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Explanations of Terms

Nauru is an island country located in the central Pacific Ocean, about halfway between New Zealand and Australia. The island is made up of coral reefs and palm trees with a population of 10,000 people.

The capital and largest city on Nauru is Yaren. The other major towns on the island are Ambarawa, Had Ab robots, Makau, Mwailiwi, Nibokonan, and Talepula. Nauru has no airports or ports, so all visitors must arrive by boat.

The currency of Nauru is the Nauruan dollar (NRU). Visitors should note that there are no ATMs on the island and credit cards are not widely accepted.

Nauru is a popular destination for tourists because it offers a unique experience. The people of Nauru are friendly and welcoming, and they enjoy playing traditional games such as cricket and rugby. In addition to its natural beauty, Nauru is also known for its active volcano series which includes Mt Anakali (Mt Erebus), Mt Kiwa, Mt Waigani, Mt Solomons, Mt Voui and Mt Yapen.

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Restaurants and Shopping

Nauru is a small island country located in the Central Pacific Ocean. The island is about 30 miles long and 13 miles wide and has a population of around 10,000 people. Nauru is known for its phosphate mining industry and it is also a popular tourist destination due to its beautiful beaches and coral reefs. There are several restaurants and shops on Nauru, but the best place to find food is probably the local market.

When is the Best Time to Visit?

The best time to visit Nauru is anytime between October and March. The weather is temperate and the island is quite lush and green. However, September and October can be very hot, so be prepared for some temperatures in the high 30s Celsius.

Nauru also experiences a lot of rainfall, so be sure to pack your raincoat!

Safety Tips

Nauru is safe for tourists, but visitors should be aware of a few safety tips to keep in mind. Always stay alert and avoid walking alone at night. Be aware of your surroundings, and never leave your belongings unguarded in a public place. If you experience any problems while on Nauru, immediately contact the police or your tour operator.

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