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Visit the Hoover Dam, 30 miles southeast of Las Vegas, for a tour of the powerplant and dam The tour takes visitors from powerplant tunnels all the way to the top of the dam This tour is not for those with claustrophobia or implanted electronic devices like pacemakers. The Visitor’s Center provides displays and a short film that show how the Hoover dam has impacted the development of the Western US.

These last four travel destinationss collectively provide an implementation framework for a new paradigm of living in the twenty-first century. As we move into a future shaped by a global mega-trend of disruptive technology, the question to be asked is: can this disruption be turned into innovation? The leap in technological transformation could be an enabler with the end-user-that is, the community-who could be proactively involved in creating a compelling vision for their everyday environment based on shared values.

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1 Because of the push in creative enterprises in the twenty-first century, an economic transformation is taking place. A creative economy is emerging. There is a rise of the creative class-primarily people involved in running small businesses, working in areas of education, architecture, biotech, engineering, theater, and the like.

2 As per the United Nations Development Program Report 2005, the Global North refers to the 57 countries that have a Human Development Index above 0.8, while the Global South refers to the rest of the countries of the world, most of which are located in the Southern Hemisphere.

Albrecht, V.. Rote of environmental regulation in shaping the built and natural environment. In E. Ben-Joseph & T. S. Szold Regulating place: Standards and the shaping of urban America. New York: Routledge.

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