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TELEPHONES. The telephone system in the U. S. is privately run and reliable. The New York Telephone Company, part of the Bell System, has public phone booths (boxes) on almost every street corner. There are usually no phone directories in the booths, however, so you must call 555-1212 for information in New York City. To make a local call lift the receiver, deposit 10 e in the slot, then dial. Most phones now have push-button dialling.

Long-distance call charges are calculated per minute; direct-dialling is easiest and fastest even from a phone booth. After three minutes the operator will interrupt to tell you to add more money. Remember that all numbers with an 800 prefix are toll free (no charge).

Rates are cheaper at off hours, and on weekends and holidays there’s a 35 per cent discount.
Rockefeller Center-Lincoln Center Upper East Side-Broadway

$2.50 plus tip $3.50 plus tip

International calls: From coin telephones listen for dial tone, deposit

10 e. Dial 0 and give the operator necessary information. Remember that exact change will be required. From your hotel dial 8″. wait for tone, then dial 0 and give the operator necessary information. The charge will appear on your hotel bill at the official telephone rate.

Some random rates are given below:

City Time Minutes Cost

London day 3 $ 3.82 plus S 1.27 for each add. minute night and weekends 3 $ 3.06 plus $ 1.02 for each add. minute

Chicago after 11 p.m. 1 $.20

Houston before 8 a.m. 1 $.20

Los Angeles 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. 1 $.35

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