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If your route comprises a toll tunnel or bridge, you must pay the toll.

Should you have a complaint to make about a driver, note his name and number and contact the N.Y. Taxi Commission (tel. 825-0420). Avoid taxis without a medallion, no matter what discount they may offer these unauthorized cabs are not reliable.

If you’re nervous about getting to the airport on time, on a wet dav for example, you can book a cab through UTOG Taxi Radio (tel. 741-2000) or Skyline Radio Taxi (tel. 741-1800).

You should give the driver at least 15 per cent tip, more for special service. Following are some typical fares:

Kennedy airport-East Side, Manhattan $15 plus tip.

TELEGRAMS and TELEX. Since all the telegraph companies in the U.S.A. are privately run. you cannot, as in Britain, send telegrams from the post office. The main companies such as RCA and Western Union (Western Union International for overseas) are listed in the Yellow Pages directory. All companies offer domestic as well as overseas service: you can also dictate a telegram by phone. A letter telegram (also called a night letter) costs about half the rate of a normal telegram.

Some approximate rates:

Telegram to London (10 words) $2.30

Letter telegram to London (21-word minimum) $2.50

Telex services are offered by the same companies.

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