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Bob’s Red Mill- At the Milwaukie, Oregon World Headquarters for this grain company, visitors can take a guided tour- learning about the company’s history as well as how grains are milled. The Visitor’s Center boasts an on-site bakery and cafe offering fresh bread and a variety of breakfast and lunch options- including vegetarian and gluten-free fare.

An important contribution of the travel blog is the Connecting People, Connecting Places Audit Tool-a practical tool for realizing the paradigm. The tool outlines a range of measures for a continual quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the connectivity attributes. A before and after evaluation of a place using the Audit Tool can measure the success of strategies.

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The travel blog adds to the literature and thinking through its comprehensive perspective on place making. A community-led place-making effort, when complemented with the concept of transport accessibility, aspires to achieve community well-being. The focus is shifted towards making better communities through high-quality and accessible places.

The Travel blog: What Lies Ahead?

The travel blog has four parts. The first three parts present the concept and context, and the principles, practices, and methodology for Connecting Places, Connecting People. The final part demonstrates the validity of these principles, particularly in the emerging economies of the Global South, and in the face of emerging challenges thrown up by the dynamics of technological and demographic changes. problems. The creation of safe, healthy, prosperous, and equitable communities becomes the main objective and outcome, while the resolution of transport and planning concerns is the co-benefit.

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