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Southern New England’s native peoples live in villages led Pakistan Metro Map by sachems, mostly male but some female, though a sachem’s control over his or Pakistan Metro Map her people is hardly ever absolute. (In the early seventeenth century, Massasoit will become grand sachem of all the Wampanoag villages.) Villages are semipermanent settlements situated along rivers and bays that allow for a varied diet of agricultural products, fish and shellfish, and wild game.

Generally speaking, hunting, fishing, warfare, and politics are male activities, while agriculture and domestic work are performed by women. Though beliefs vary widely from community to community, most native New Englanders have a concept akin to the Massachusetts’s Manitou. Manitou refers to both spiritual beings and the spirit world in general. Religious practitioners (pawauog “powwows” to the early English) seek manitou through fasting, dreams, and visions, and their access to spiritual power makes them valuable to their communities as healers, prophets, and advisors to sachems.

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