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City-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission

This organization is dedicated to the preservation of local historic properties and landmarks, and its website features an online database with comprehensive historical information about various properties around City.

History for Phoenix/Mesa Metro Map
Select Pinot Noirs and Barnwood wines from Santa Barbara Highlands vineyard Phoenix/Mesa Metro Map available only in tasting room. NEARBY ATTRACTIONS: Arroyo Grande Village (Old West downtown with historic Phoenix/Mesa Metro Map walking tour); Pismo State Beach (swimming, hiking, camping). MONDO CELLARS Located atop a chaparral-covered hill, the Mondo Cellars tasting room offers a bird’s-eye view of the farmland just west of Paso Robles. Painted a soft adobe pink, it bears design elements inspired by the architecture of Tuscany. Double entry doors are made of knotty alder and framed with gray Verona Hillstone applied to the exterior wall. Pillars faced with similar stone support a roof that partially covers the patio, which is set with cast aluminum tables and chairs that can accommodate more than a hundred people.

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