Preparing for a Tour of the Unknown Side of London

Outlined in this article are two different types of vacation stay options rather than the typical and defaulted hotel choice for most while planning a vacation to London. In making this new and exciting decision in vacation housing you will also have access to a behind the scene tour of London that most will not find on any tourist map or website.

By no means does this information forbid you from resting at some of the more commonly used tourist hotels in this historic city or to visit some of the most popular sites in London; however, here you are offered the chance to see a different side of London that many tourists never take advantage of and most locals take for granted.

When preparing to tour historic London, the first thing you must do is to take advantage of London’s more unique refuges. There are many well-known and unique hotels in London; however, taking advantage Camden Apartments or at one of its many well-known holiday flats or home to home stays has more truly unique benefits.

Camden Regents Apartments on Pratt St on Parkway NW1 or at the Camden Mews Apartments on Rochester Mews in the heart of London are only a few of their locations. Camden Apartments is known for its very accommodating short or long term rentals and have been ranked highly of the Specialty Lodging Association in London. They specialize in vacation flats and holiday houses for any size family and any length of vacation time.

A Place Like Home’s properties, or more commonly known as home to home stays, are privately owned apartments and houses located in the best central residential areas with transport, shopping, restaurants, museums and galleries that are within easy reach for any tourist to experience London and its true era.

Please, see the common historic sites- the Queen’s Castle, have your picture taken with one of the guards who never smiles or even take in a soccer game.

Just remember that at staying at one of the more luxurious less common areas of London, you as the tourist will come home with a vastly different experience than those who only see the tourist attractions by the tourist maps given at the more common vacation hotels.

In almost every park near Camden Apartments and the many available holiday flats in London, you will find chess games, ultimate Frisbee games and paths that lead to long hikes through much of unseen London to the average tourist.

This can be a wonderful opportunity for those amateur photographers hoping to capture the city of London in the raw. This also allows the tourist to experience the people of London itself. You will gather more history from interacting with the locals of London who by nature are extremely friendly and willing to share their rich heritage.

By experiencing a stay at a London or the home to home exchange, or staying at one of the luxurious Camden Apartments, you are guaranteed to leave the great city of London with memories no other tourist will have been given the opportunity to encounter. During each visit, you will see something different, talk with someone different and find a part of yourself that wasn’t there before just by walking the literal different path of the untypical London tourist.

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