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Getting from the airport to the city using public transportation requires patience. There is a bus that runs to and from the airport (the bus stop is outside the Zone D baggage claim) but it could require multiple transfers to reach your destination. Taxis charge a flat rate of $25 from the airport to Uptown. Taxis are waiting curbside on the baggage-claim level.


Amtrak (800/872-7245, offers regular service to City with connections to cities across the United States. The Piedmont train connects City to Raleigh and service to Richmond, Washington, D.C. Baltimore, and Philadelphia is offered on the Carolinian train. All trains depart and arrive from the unimpressive Station Building (1914 N. Tryon St.), which sits in the middle of an industrial neighborhood and is best avoided at night.

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Just before you reach it, turn left up a narrow Pretoria Map but well-defined path that climbs steeply away from the golf course. As you leave the Pretoria Map course, you may wonder why you haven’t seen a single bunker. That’s easy – there aren’t any on the course at all. One for the dreaded Christmas trivia quiz, perhaps

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