Galveston’s historic tours cannot be talked about without the mention of a tour with a Segway in Moody gardens. Experience the beauty with specialized tour guides whose vast knowledge of the place will surprise you. They will take you to the Aquarium pyramid where you will experience ginormous animals of the great depths of the Pacific, North Atlantic, and even the South Pacific. From the walking birds Penguins’ to the seals that are always overweight. Then, they will take you to the rainforest, the splendor of its green hanging all over the pyramid. Not only they will make sure you experience the beauty of the vast forests of Asia, Africa, and America but also educate you on unlimited information in species such as the West African black rhino, the Carolina Parakeet, the golden toad and so many others.

One cannot feel fulfilled without the haunted tour in Galveston through discovery museum where discoveries such as Da Vinci’s are shown. The tour guides will take you through history as the discoveries of Da Vinci, the history of his life and his fascinating research. Feel the groom with the reason behind the creation of in built, more than sixty life-size inventions, over twenty drawn studies and multiple astonishing displays. You will discover a impressive knowledge on his discoveries in hydraulics, flight, engineering and more.


The Palm Beach wonder is one to live for with sun baths in the sun, a swim in the poolside and on the city’s white beach where you can sink your feet and stretch in the sun. This tour will make your trip worth remembering with interesting beach games and also show you the various ventures you can engage in such as the spa or an experience in the bouncy castles, especially for children. No one can assume the presence of bands on the sand. From soothing music to classical, all this experience is worth going for.

Life in this unique part of the gardens is topped up by the Ropes course. Your perseverance, strength, and patience are tested with the encounter of five-tier sky ropes. These tour guides will take you through the tallest steel ropes course on the gulf coast.

Segway Galveston team will not only enlighten you on all these animals, legends and different experiences but also help you grow physically. Join us in unraveling the treasures of this great city.

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