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Redemptioner. An emigrant from Europe to Country who paid for Rio de Janeiro Metro Map the voyage upon arrival by serving for a specified period as a bondservant. While indentured servants obtained Rio de Janeiro Metro Map written contracts to pay for their entire passage before they left Europe, a redemptioner usually paid part of his own passage in advance and promised to establish a contract to pay the remainder once he arrived in Country. If a redemptioner did not establish a contract within a given period of time after arrival, his or her services were auctioned off to the highest bidder. Redoubt. A small fort, usually intended to be temporary and often without flanking defenses, used especially to fortify the top of a hill, or for defense in hostile territory.

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In league with the consumer, Kandahar Treasure positions itself as a saviour for traditional artisans, enabling them to return to their previous ways of life while conforming to the tastes of the foreign consumer.

The romantic model is readily critiqued. It conforms to Slavoj Zizek’s characterization of a liberal sensibility that cannot own its own interests: Enjoyment is good, on condition that it not be too close to us, on condition that it remain the other’s enjoyment’ (Zizek 1993: 212). Critics of ethical consumerism argue that the main motivation of such projects is the internalized moral dramas of the consumers, rather than any sense of real interest from producers (Black 2009). Such enterprises can then be characterized as feel good’ exercises serving the interests of the global North rather than genuine partnership between the worlds of producers and consumers.

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