Romantic Honeymoon in Greece

WEDDINGS Greece’s cosmopolitan areas are home to seasoned wedding planners who’ll help you plan your perfect day from top to bottom, from fl owers to the requisite legal documents.

They’ll even arrange a live video stream so loved ones back home can watch you exchange vows.

HONEYMOONS Explore the mainland and the islands. Soak up local color in charming villages and ancient monasteries as well as along lakefront bicycle paths, on shaded mountain trails, in secluded caves, at local festivals and in bustling tavernas.

TOP TIP For ultimate relaxation, visit a natural thermal spa, a common pastime for Greeks. CONTACT 212.421.5777,

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Just a little way out from here and 3-4 metres to the northwest, there is a 3-metre submerged bank which causes an underwater waterfall on the flood tide. On spring or big tides the current is severe enough to push you down to the bottom with quite some force, which can be an unnerving experience. For a distance of 20 metres north of this position, the water is so shallow that on a spring tide any attempt to cross it in a boat would probably result in a damaged outboard engine or broken propeller. The seabed south of the bank consists of kelp-covered rocks and sand, with little else of interest. Occasionally, though, at certain times of the year, thousands of large edible crabs congregate for some unknown reason on the sandy seabed just south of this position, all the way down Crayford’s Gut to the 20-metre mark. The tide is very strong in both directions as the water is funnelled into the narrows of the Gut. As I have already mentioned, the trip boats use this site, so anchoring a diving boat at the landing stage or diving here, especially at weekends, will almost certainly result in some verbal abuse and friction from the boatmen. A good dive on a cliff wall to 18 metres and lots of life about on the steep reef. Plenty of crevices and holes and you can even go behind the reef into a deep canyon formed by the walls of rock. Visibility is often excellent with a moderate current close to the reef but during spring tides, especially on the ebb, the force of water is so tremendous it will easily drag a large surface marker buoy down to the bottom.

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