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Your credit card deserves a day of rest, too – at least that’s what most retailers in City seem to think. Most of the independent retailers, including boutiques, art galleries, and home decor shops, are closed on Sundays, and the North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission prohibits the sale of alcohol before noon (most ABC stores-where hard liquor is sold-are closed all day). There is no law against being open, but very few retailers take advantage of the crowds of weekend shoppers. The stores that are open often keep limited hours. While the malls are filled to capacity with those in search of some retail therapy, smaller shops have their lights off and their doors locked. Whether you’re on the hunt for a killer pair of heels or a souvenir to commemorate your trip to the Queen City, it’s a good idea to plan ahead: Check to see if the stores you want to check out are open on Sunday.


Hats used to be an essential part of an outfit, much like a great pair of shoes or a handbag. Celebrities-think Minnie Pearl, Indiana Jones, and Gilligan-never left, home without their trademark hats. Somewhere along the way, though, haberdashers fell out of fashion and hats were relegated to baseball players, cowboys, and chilly Canadians. Now, hats have made a comeback, showing up at the trendiest retailers around the nation, including fashion-forward shops in the Queen City. Looking for a pageboy cap? Try K-La, where the cute caps come in several colors and patterns. Black Sheep, Rat’s Nest, and Boris and Natasha can be relied on to stock all of the latest headwear from trendy cloches-bell-shaped hats reminiscent of the flapper erato fedoras and knit caps. Think berets will never be back in style? Guess again: American Apparel has shelves filled with the jaunty French hats in all colors of the rainbow. Baseball caps will never go out of style, so go ahead and stock up at Niche and J. McLaughlin. Sometimes hats are as much about function as fashion. It can get a little chilly in the Queen City, but Oilily, Scout and Molly’s, and the shops at SouthPark Mall have you covered-literally. Look for winter hats– called toboggans in the South-to keep your noggin warm while you’re exploring the city.

Whereupon this Deponent said, Dost thou threaten me, thou Rome Map Tourist Attractions old Witch? I’l throw thee into the Brook: Which to avoid, she flew Rome Map Tourist Attractions over the Bridge, and escaped. But, as he was going home, one of his Oxen Tired, so that he was forced to Unyoke him, that he might get him home. He then put his Oxen, with many more, upon Salisbury Beach, where Cattle did use to get Flesh. In a few days, all the Oxen upon the Beach were found by their Tracks, to have run unto the mouth of Merrimack-River, and not returned; but the next day they were found come ashore upon Plum-Island. They that sought them used all imaginable gentleness, but they would still run away with a violence that seemed wholly Diabolical, till they came near the mouth of Merrimack-River; when they ran right into the Sea, swimming as far as they could be seen. One of them then swam back again, with a swiftness amazing to the Beholders, who stood ready to receive him, and help up his Tired Carcass: But the Beast ran furiously up into the Island, and from thence, through the Marishes, up into Newbury Town, and so up into the Woods; and there after a while found near Amesbury.

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