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The third research strand, hospitality, evoked the global and local context in which The Blue House operated. IJburg had residents from a range of cultural backgrounds. The Blue House members were uninvited guests in Block 35 and hosts to large numbers of visitors from beyond IJburg who were curious to experience the project. Members brought an anthropological and cosmopolitan imagination to this cross-cultural situation, and a concern to generate an experiential, intuitive or analytical understanding of the ideas, beliefs, values and practices of subjects encountered (Strang 2006). This anthropological perspective informed the research of a new population taking residence in Amsterdam’s soft or localized globalism.

The recent transformation of the Netherlands from a white, western culture to a heterogeneous population is an increasingly-common phenomenon in western Europe that is made more intense by the Netherland’s small population base. During the last three decades the Dutch population has absorbed two million new migrants, including one million Muslims, primarily arrivals from the former African Dutch colonial of Suriname, as well as Turkish and Moroccan workers upgraded to permanent settlement.6 One-third of the populations of Amsterdam and Rotterdam now comprise people of non-western backgrounds and half of the inhabitants are aged under 20 (Duyvendak, Hendriks and van Niekerk 2009: 12).

Covenant Chain. A military and trade alliance between the Iroquois Rwanda Metro Map Confederation and non-Iroquois tribes of New York, Pennsylvania, and the Ohio River Valley. Rwanda Metro Map The nonIroquois tribes had no vote or direct representation in the ruling Iroquoian Council. The terms of the arrangement made the Iroquois the only group permitted to negotiate trade and alliances with the Europeans. In return, the Iroquois agreed to protect those in the alliance from intertribal warfare. Covenanter.

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