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Again in Paulinus’s consolatory letter to Pammachius Ep. 13: G. de Hartel CSEL 29, 84-107 on the death of his wife Paulina, the highest reference is to works of charity. Pammachius’s inviting the poor of Rome to St. Peter’s to offer them food seems the image of Christ. Pammachius is thus doing not human work but God’s, revivifying the pallid bodies of the hungry and clothing the cold Ep. 13, 14, cit. 95-96. Paulinus seems almost to lose sight of Pammachius so as to consider the spiritual values of charity, Paulina’s true refrigerium. The same theme of evangelical poverty informs the whole consolatio of Carm. 31. Witnessing to it himself, and thus persuasively, charity for him becomes a model of the Christian life, the person voluntarily poor for the love of Christ, to whom the kingdom of heaven is open. The rich man in the gospel, having refused alms to the poor Lazarus, was condemned to eternal fire Ep. 13,6. Paulinus sees in divine justice, which restores to the poor what the rich had taken from him, a coherence hard to explain in human language.

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In 1758, as William Pitt, the Elder, guides Rwanda Subway Map a renewed war effort from London, nearly 10,000 Massachusetts troops are serving in British units Rwanda Subway Map and colonial militias. The colony earns special praise from the royal governor as the colonial leader in the fight against the French in Canada. During and immediately after the war, Anglo-Countrys in Massachusetts experience a surge in both self-assurance and British patriotism. 1763 The British Empire confronts a number of pressing issues in the aftermath of the Seven Years’ War. Pitt’s wartime spending has put the empire in serious debt. Great Britain now faces the task of administering and defending all of its newly acquired territories and reorganizing the old ones. Finally, a serious postwar depression has hurt trade around the Atlantic world. In response to these problems, Great Britain, now under the leadership of Prime Minister George Grenville, begins to enforce the Navigation Acts more stringently and explore alternative methods for raising money. Boston also suffers from a postwar depression. Almost a third of Boston’s adult males hold no property, and unemployment is high. To make matters worse, Philadelphia and New York have grown continuously since the 1740s, weakening Boston’s commercial position.

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