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If you stand a little back from the store you can San Antonio Map Tourist Attractions see the motto VIS ET SAPIENTIA inscribed towards the top of the building. There are three good San Antonio Map Tourist Attractions refreshment opportunities along this part of West Street: Hadleys, which is perhaps more of a restaurant than a tearoom, the cafe in the Army & Navy which offers good value breakfasts and lunches for shoppers, and my own favourite, the coffee shop on the first floor of Waterstone’s.

It offers lovely views, a bright, cheerful decor, and mouthwatering cakes, including a very acceptable apple and mincemeat shortbread! Opposite the Army & Navy you will observe the cathedral belltower. The belltower is thought to date from around 1428, and contains a ring of eight bells, the earliest dated 1583. Cross to the south side of West Street and pass the belltower, then turn left, descend some steps and walk across a wide paved area past the west door of the cathedral. Whole books have been written about the glories of the cathedral, which dates back to the end of the eleventh century, and which is crammed full of treasures including Norman sculptures, magnificent fourteenth-century choirstalls, the imposing fifteenth-century Arundel Screen, the Shrine of St Richard of Chichester, John Piper’s altar tapestry and Marc Chagall’s stained glass window depicting Psalm 150.

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