Santa Catalina Monastery Arequipa Peru

Fifteen eighty, and expanded in the th century at its height the santa catalina monastery was practically a city within a city housing over people about a third of them were catholic nuns the rest were servants cloistered together in a community there are twenty has more containers here. I enjoy the monastery with all of its architecture, and the gentle lines in the Spanish feel, and that’s just. I enjoy South America for that reason almost the most different idea Fatiha dr.

Santa Catalina Monastery Arequipa Peru Photo Gallery

Lee Maria Maria is an York Knick see moving say Dominique I’ll make sure that what they have as an expectation, it’s for Peru, and not from where they are from. So what. I make sure is that they have a new memory card in their brain.

I’m just telling their let’s do it well her a wife is distracted on their. So movie, and she has wonderful spirit music Adina still, it’s been a wonderful further exposure to the Peruvian people, and culture customs and We’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.

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