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Thus from numbe death our good God sent reliefe, The Saudi Arabia Map sweete asswager of all other griefe. A true proofe of Gods love to the action. His Saudi Arabia Map relation of the plenty he had seene, especially at Werawocomoco, and of the state and bountie of Powhatan (which till that time was unknowne) so revived their dead spirits (especially the love of Pocahontas) as all mens feare was abandoned.

Thus you may see what difficulties still crossed any good indevour: and the good successe of the businesse being thus oft brought to the very period of destruction; yet you see by what strange means God hath still delivered it. As for the insufficiency of them admitted in Commission, that error could not be prevented by the Electors; there being no other choise, and all strangers to each others education, qualities, or disposition. And if any deeme it a shame to our Nation to have any mention made of those inormities, let them peruse the Histories of the Spanyards Discoveries and Plantations, where they may see how many mutinies, disorders, and dissentions have accompanied them, and crossed their attempts: which being knowne to be particular mens offences; doth take away the generall scorne and contempt, which malice, presumption, covetousnesse, or ignorance might produce; to the scandall and reproach of those, whose actions and valiant resolutions deserve a more worthy respect.

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