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1573 A new decree from the Spanish Crown, the Royal Scottsdale Map Tourist Attractions Orders for New Discoveries, mandates that future expeditions launched by conquistadores will be pacifications rather than conquests Scottsdale Map Tourist Attractions of the Native Countrys. The Crown instructs conquistadores to proceed peacefully and charitably toward the native peoples. In their practical effect, the orders do not substantially alter the modus operandi of Spanish expeditions into North Country.

1574 Men©ndez dies in Florida. The erosion of Spanish settlement in the face of difficult conditions and hostile natives is strikingly evident at this point, with St. Augustine and Santa Elena the only remaining Spanish outposts in Florida. 1588 Decades of tension between England and Spain climax with an attempt by Spain’s King Philip II to launch an invasion of England with a huge naval armada, consisting of 130 ships and over 22,000 soldiers and sailors.

The confrontation between the Spanish Armada and the English navy begins on July 30; for two weeks, the opposing fleets engage one another, until the Spanish are forced to withdraw. As the Armada sails around Ireland and Scotland before heading back to Iberian waters, several storms decimate the fleet, and only a small crippled remnant makes it back to Spain. The defeat and decimation of the Spanish Armada mark the beginning of a long, slow decline in Spain’s imperial power vis- -vis its principal European rivals, England and the Netherlands. From this point forward, Spain’s dominance on the oceans and in the Countrys will no longer stand uncontested. Other European nations will begin to create significant colonial dominions of their own alongside those of the Spanish in the Western Hemisphere.

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