Seine River Cruise The Seine Paris to Normandy

In the very center of Paris the sin river diverges which fork leads to the true heart, and soul of the French people the highlight for me would probably be at the very end we go to Normandy, and in my lifetime. I was.

Seine River Cruise The Seine Paris to Normandy Photo Gallery

I was old enough to remember d-day, and for me, it’s something. I’ve always wanted to do, and it’s the number one thing that we’re looking forward to we’ll do that the sin splits Paris into to geographical sections facing downstream to the south is the cities left bank to the north the right bank decades ago the right bank was considered home to the bourgeois, and old money while the left bank was edgier a place for students.

And, artists the Ile de la Cite a rises in the middle of the river marking the birthplace of the City of Light the famous Notre Dame Cathedral French for Our Lady of Paris was built here over years ago today the depth of the sin is tightly controlled by a system of locks built in the ‘s roughly half of the water used in the Paris region for industry, and consumption comes from the river kilometers downstream from Paris is the village of vernal the perfect landing spot to gather impressions of France’s past, and present giver nee was home to French painter Claude Monet for years his paintings gave name to the art movement Impressionism a style that focused on capturing light, and natural forms he frequently painted outdoors inspired by these gardens he helped create a japanese-style bridge, and water lilies were featured often in his work you know. I like looking out the window, and watching the world go by.

Because you’re not ever really sure exactly what you might see what you might experience.

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