South Africa Metro Map

The Governor shall also carefully inquire and inform himself in regard South Africa Metro Map to the food and convenience for keeping great number of silkworms, wherewith a manufacture might be established South Africa Metro Map ; and, if he discovers that something useful might thus be accomplished, he shall take measures for the same.

Whatever else could be done in connection with the successful cultivation of the land, but cannot be introduced just for the present, this Her Royal Majesty will graciously have entrusted to the fidelity, foresight, and zeal of the Governor, with the earnest command and admonition that he seek in all matters to uphold the service and dignity of Her Royal Majesty and the crown of Sweden, as also to promote the advantage and interest of the members of the Company, in the conservation of the same land of New Sweden, its culture in every way possible, and the increase of its profitable commerce.

But, far above all this, as to what belongs to the political government and administration of justice, everything of this kind must be conducted under the name of Her Royal Majesty and the crown of Sweden, for no less reason than that the country enjoys the protection of Her Royal Majesty and of the crown, and that the interest of the crown is in the highest degree involved in the protection of that country, its cultivation, and active trade and commerce.

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