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Wyoming, I was able to snag a pushing pair of green-and-white retro-BN livery power units behind yet another coal drag headed out of the region. – BNSF 9664, August 6, 2014, Sheridan, WY Turning back toward home, going west like this mile long coal drag, we prepare for a long haul toward our home state – long into the night this time, far too much like the distant point power group locomotives. August 7, 2014, Hardin, MT

The seabed at the base of the wall is in 30 metres and drops away rapidly to 40 metres plus. The masses of tangleweed growing on the top edge of the reef waves like bunting in a gale when the tide is flooding, while the rest of the reef top has a dense covering of thick kelp. Numerous narrow crevices are spread across the undulating reef top and there is a good chance of collecting a couple of crustaceans.

Pollack weighing an estimated five or six kilos are regularly seen, as are large shoals of coley, and it is always worth doing a spot of rod fishing after the dive. When visibility is good, looking over the cliff face is an awesome sight because it looks so mysterious and bottomless. Beautiful anemones absolutely cover the walls and giant boulders.

An excellent dive with some good channels and gullies on the inside corner of the Off Bus. This site is 50 metres away and west of dive site and is more exposed than all the other dive sites on the reef because it takes the full brunt of tide in the channel. The reef face is more of a steep slope and drops down in steps and stairs, but it also has a wealth of life on it. The top at 15 metres has some short kelp growing on it, possibly due to the ferocity of the tide at this point, but there is still a lot of life covering the rocks and boulders.

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