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CONFIRMATION. Baptism in the spirit❠is promised more than once in the NT by John the Baptist and by Jesus himself. Baptism in the name of the Lord Jesus❠Acts 8:16; 19:5 or in the name of Jesus Christ❠Acts 2:38; 10:48 confers the Holy Spirit, the gift promised for the messianic age Acts 2:38. Only in exceptional cases do the apostles confer this gift by laying on of hands Acts 8:17; 19:6. But we know little or nothing of the actual rite of baptism. Only washing in water, accompanied by the word❠is stressed see Eph 5:26; the gift of the Spirit is referred entirely to this. In both cases cited, a laying on of hands is also mentioned; Paul, however, does not mention it. His words on sealing and anointing with the Spirit do not necessarily imply a concrete rite of anointing with oil. Even if a basis can be discerned for a further development of the baptismal liturgy, we must confine ourselves to saying: Paul, and especially the NT despite the exceptional cases mentioned in Acts, connect the conferral of the Spirit only with baptism; the epistles know no conferring of the Spirit which concludes baptism and is conferred by laying on of hands or anointing❠Neunheuser, Taufe im Geist, 268.

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Matthew Jennings South Carolina Prior to the Arrival of Europeans A Sri Lanka Subway Map wide variety of Native Country groups inhabit South Carolina. They range in size from single-village Sri Lanka Subway Map communities on the resource-rich Atlantic coast, to larger interior nations, such as the Cherokees and Creeks, to centralized Mississippian chiefdoms, such as that at Cofitachequi (near present-day Camden). They speak a wide range of mutually unintelligible languages from the Muskogean, Siouan, and Iroquoian language groups. South Carolina’s native population is stunningly diverse. The southeastern native peoples do share some common cultural traits, though. They tend toward decentralized, village-centered forms of government (except in the case of Mississippian chiefdoms). They also divide society strictly along gender lines: Agriculture and domestic tasks are primarily female roles, while warfare and hunting are almost exclusively male provinces.

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